Why I Write

Hi everyone!

This is going to be the first of many blog posts I hope to put forward on grant writing and my entrepreneurial journey.

It’s hard to believe that I’m here, getting ready to launch my business in just a couple of months, after taking Sahara Rose’s Doshas + Dharma class, and completing Danielle Klemm’s six week program.

One of the first questions Danielle asked me when we started talking was “why grant writing?”

I grew up listening to stories from my father, who went to Ghana through the Peace Corps after college. He taught me the importance of service, both within and outside your immediate community. He taught Chemistry to high school students in Ghana and always felt that we should use our talents to benefit others.

One of my talents is telling a story. I’d spend hours in the Southern Methodist University library as a graduate student learning all I could about American History. I wanted to understand why things happened, and what the implications were for the future.

Writing grant proposals are a lot like writing a good story. When I write for an organization, I do a deep dive, not just into the numbers, but into the heart and soul of an nonprofit. I want to know what it is that makes a nonprofit special, and be able to write that story from the heart to a board.

When the grant proposal is funded, it’s the beginning of a great partnership. A foundation gets to build part of their legacy and a nonprofit gets one step closer to reaching their goals. I love being part of building that legacy.

Simply put- I love grant writing because I can tell a story that leads to an incredible partnership.

— Janet

Janet Gonzales