Visual Design and Grant Writing

Last month, I was working with a client who had lots of ideas, but we were working to put them on paper. Together we worked on creating a project budget, operating budget, strategic plan, achievement and board list and other supporting materials that are normally required in grant proposals. I’ve been taking a class through Skillcrush where I’ve been learning some HTML and CSS, and figured I’d put some of that to use by pulling some of the branding colors used by my client and their logo to help create a sleeker, more cohesive look for their materials. I took it a step further and started creating some materials with the help of Canva to help make their grant proposal more “presentation ready.” What started out as a simple idea to make materials flow together turned into something I really want to incorporate for more of my clients.

One of my new goals for the later part of the year will be to take a more directed class in Visual Design that will help me to create some of these materials for my clients, but in the mean time, I definitely plan to continue using Canva to really make visuals that are sleeker and do more to bring home some of the impactful programs my organizations have!

If you’re interested in finding out more about how I can create these grant proposal materials for you, feel free to email me at

— Janet

Janet Gonzales