Why Nonprofits Need a Master List

I talked to an Executive Director this week that I am working with, and we spent a while discussing goals, strategy and upcoming ideas for 2019. I love goal planning, both for my own business, and for the nonprofits I work with. I especially love Lara Casey’s Powersheets for myself, they help me really get my own goals on track, and I like to create something similar for the nonprofits I work with. Here are some of the reasons why:

  1. It helps solidify your strategy: You have goals to expand your nonprofit- but how, why and in what timeframe? We go deep and discuss all of this because it’s important. The more we start to really delve into it, the more we can articulate it to funders and donors.

  2. It keeps you/your board accountable: Mine shows progress by quarters, which makes sense for organizations who have quarterly board meetings, you can track your successes and also where you need to improve for the future.

  3. It helps you identify improvement opportunities and solid strengths: Consistently applying for grants for one program and not getting funding? Yes, it could be the stiff competition, but it also could be that particular program. It helps to be able to look inward as well and see what can be improved. Doing a great job at landing grants and help for a specific program, well count that one as a success!

  4. It keeps things organized: Whether you’re adding new people to your board or your staff, you can see past successes and your strategy for the year and those of past years. Being organized is how I am able to work with multiple clients at a time and be able to meet their needs and not miss a deadline.

Whether it’s quarterly and goal-centered like mine, or a different version, I want to hear all about your Master Lists! If you’re interested in scheduling time with me as well to create one, feel free to book time on my Calendly. I’d love to help you get started!

Janet Gonzales