“Be bold in your caring, be bold in your dreaming, and above all else, do your best.”

- George H.W. Bush

This past Wednesday I saw this quote in discussions about George H.W. Bush and his legacy. I really felt it captured what I try my best to do every single day- be bold in caring, bold in dreaming and do my best. It’s one of the biggest reasons why I love working for nonprofit organizations- I can be bold in caring and bold in dreaming. I can help them come up with sustainability plans, and ideas for their future. It’s the best part of my day, and it’s so rewarding.

I also genuinely love all the clients I work with. Every Executive Director that I work with really is gifted and a true visionary. They are excited about their nonprofit’s future and that excitement really is contagious. I appreciate that they delegate grant writing to me and that it is a true partnership. We work together to further the organization’s future and build their legacy.

I am so excited for everything that is ahead, not just for my business but for my clients and for their businesses. Just a heads up- I’ve got a new service coming up especially for Q1 2019, and I can’t wait to share it! :)

I’m still taking clients for January 2019, but there are only a couple spots left because I want to build strong 2019 plans for all of my clients. So if you are interested, feel free to book an appointment or send me an email at .

— Janet

Janet Gonzales