Getting the most out of the Grant Audit Workshop

Hi everyone,

It’s been so great being back from a relaxing holiday break! I love this time of year because it not only means time with family, it also is a time to reflect and get energized for the year ahead.

As I’m planning out my workshop for the month ahead, I figured for those that are starting with me, and even those that are interested, I’d put together a short list of what you can start thinking of to make the most of the Grant Audit Workshop:

  1. What is your area of greatest need:

    • For grant-writing strength?

      • How does your need statement look right now? What are you doing to evaluate the efficacy of your programs?

    • For your organization itself?

      • What is preventing you from growing? Where are you spending the most money?

  2. What is that need that you have the hardest time getting funders to understand?

    • For one of my clients, it was literally conveying that these girls in a low-income area needed shoes to participate in an athletic after-school program. Operating costs, placed in a greater context of understanding can get funded!

  3. What are the big goals you have in 2019 that you need to pin down action steps for?

    • In my two 30 minute calls, I can share my expertise as it relates to grant writing in all of these goals, we can take your end goal and break it down into a budget, action steps and areas of opportunity you can work on in the upcoming year to better position yourself for grant funding.

Lastly, consider a bulleted list. As you go throughout your week, think of some questions and areas you really need help in. I’ve been in fundraising before, on a board, working for a nonprofit. Even if you want to bounce some ideas around as they relate to grant writing, I am here for you!

I can’t wait to get started on helping all my clients reaching their goals in the upcoming year, and can’t wait to see what funding we can get for you!

— Janet

Janet Gonzales