*New for 2019* Grant Audit Workshop

Lately I’ve had a few questions from nonprofits that are interested in working with me, but there’s maybe some questions:

  1. You generally go on an hourly rate, but what does your project rate look like?

  2. We’d like to do it, but how do we get our board to see that you need to spend money to make money?

  3. I want to learn, but I also want your help, how can we make this work?

Presenting….the Grant Audit Workshop!

This will be a 3-week program that includes a finished small private grant proposal ($1000-$5000 request) as well as two phone calls with me where we discuss your nonprofit’s strengths as well as what you can do going forward for 2019 to help make your proposals stronger.

Week 1: 30 minute call where we discuss your organization, what it does and what you’d like to fund. I present you with 3 private grant options and you choose the best one. The other two are opportunities you can explore at a later time.

Week 2: We get to work! I present to you a highlight of what this grant is going to fund, and how to make your organization stand out.

Week 3: Presentation of final grant proposal and 30 minute conference call. We can discuss any questions you have about the grant writing process, and all of the proposal info remains on dropbox so that you can always access and use on future grant proposals.

For all of this- 3 grant opportunities, 1 finished grant proposal and 2 calls to discuss your organization, it will be $250.

It’s a perfect introduction to grant writing and a great way to hit the ground running on future grant proposals! If you are interested, do not hesitate to email me at janet@magnoliagrants.com or set up an appointment here.

This offer will only be available for January and February and there are limited spots so let me know as soon as you can that you are interested.

— Janet

Janet Gonzales