New! Grant Proposal Materials

Hey everyone,

Here’s some exciting news at Magnolia Grants HQ! :)

I am officially offering grant proposal material kits. These are for organizations that have their grant proposals covered, but may want a little bit more of an aesthetic lift to their supporting materials, I am here to help! Using your logos and existing branding (or helping you to pick out that standout palette and those standout fonts, I can help spice up your:

  • Organizational History

  • Board Lists

  • Strategic Plan

  • Operating & Project Budgets

  • Project Summaries

  • And pretty much any grant writing materials you can think of :)

If you are interested in getting a little bit of a lift on your grant proposal materials, email me and let me know, we’ll work through it together and make sure your supporting materials look grant-ready :)

Looking forward to making some amazing nonprofits stand out!

— Janet

Janet Gonzales