Q2 Reflections

As Q2 is ending, I’ve learned a lot, as it’s definitely had its ups and downs. I had some things come up that I did not expect, and other things I’ve learned about myself and how I hope to expand my business, so I’m going through a few lessons I’ve learned this quarter.


1.    There will be ups and downs in your business: April was the busiest month I’ve ever had. May was the lowest month I’ve ever seen, and June is on pace to be even busier than April. I was not disheartened in May, because I knew I was not actively seeking new clients, I was focusing on the ones I had, and also had some other unrelated things get in the way. I’m excited to start strong in Q3, with onboarding some new clients.

2.    Be open to new ideas: One of the biggest takeaways I had in Q2 was to consider new ideas. I have definitely been doing more foundation outreach this quarter, which has been awesome and so impactful to the clients I serve. I also remember reviewing grant proposals and one of the board members I worked with saying “look at these graphics” from another organization he works with. It really inspired me to create more infographics about the foundations I serve, and it’s been one of my favorite things to do to date.

3.    Be open to new interests: Following up on what I’ve said in #2, I think creating the infographics for my foundations, and also doing a little bit of work within their existing branding to spice up their grant proposals have been some of my favorite projects to date, and I would have been so scared of the tech just a year ago. I love that my business is challenging me in ways I never thought possible. 

4.    Lift each other up: The Instagram community of female entrepreneurs is time and again one of my favorite parts of being a small business owner. I love Alexander Design Co’s challenge idea (coming up in June!), I look forward to Eryn Morgan’s posts every week, she’s so inspiring, and I’m even taking the Bucketlist Bombshells Design Skills class right now because I love making graphics on Canva and want to learn to do the same on Illustrator. Also, I love listening to podcasts from fellow female entrepreneurs – Alexis Fortier’s podcast is awesome, and so is Daniella’s of Santosa Creative. I love learning from the people who have already done it, it really is learning from the best. 


I am so excited for what Q3 will bring for my business and even more excited for what is ahead for my fellow female entrepreneurs, they’re amazing :)

Janet Gonzales