Q1: A Review

Hey everyone,

A few times this year I’m going to talk a little bit on the entrepreneurial side of things! Today I’m going to talk briefly around Q1 and some of the lessons I’ve learned and milestones I’ve hit.

Some of my favorite parts of the quarter:

  • Being on my business coach’s podcast! That was a huge milestone for me and so exciting to get to talk about the work she does!

  • Getting to connect with other entrepreneurs like Allie, Nicole, Jessica and Lacey. It’s been awesome meeting other grant writers, and other business owners! I can’t say enough how supportive this community is, and I’ve started doing Friday shout-outs to different entrepreneurs I know.

  • Onboarding new clients and helping my current clients be grant-ready and win some amazing grant funding!

Some of my lessons learned:

  • Planning my social media in advance on Canva and Plann has been so helpful. I also plan on leveraging Dubsado more in the upcoming months to help better manage grant proposals due and projects.

  • Definitely listen to your gut and intuition. I’ve had to refer clients that were outside my area of expertise, or were looking for something I could not provide. It’s hard to do sometimes because you want to help all the nonprofits, but it’s the right thing to do if it’s outside my area of expertise.

  • Staying more true to who I am: I knew a one size fits all class was not going to be my ideal, so I turned it into 1:1, because that’s where I know I’m at my best.

Anyway, as far as my resolutions for the year go, I’m off to a good start. I am starting my up one of my 3 remaining MBA classes in just a couple of weeks, so I think I’ll get more into one of my other goals, reading more strategy & grant writing books, and I’ll be writing about them as they come up on the blog.

— Janet

Janet Gonzales