February Success Stories

Hey everyone,

Today I’m talking through a few success stories from February that I’ve had with a few of my clients!

  1. Huge breakthrough for one of my clients. I know some of you saw on my IG stories that they had reached out to a more national organization and had gotten declined. My response- “let’s think bigger!” We started thinking more along the lines of greater community impact, and we got in the door, not only for some preliminary funding, but being on the list for even more funding in the upcoming fiscal year. I seriously couldn’t be more proud of them, and all they had to do was better tell the story!

  2. One of my clients just got a play sponsored! Last year, they were able to get one of their plays sponsored, and it’s only February, and we’re already where they were at the end of the year last year. I know there are more opportunities in the pipeline for them too, so I can definitely see us getting at least 3 of their plays sponsored.

  3. One of my smaller nonprofit clients needed help to scale, and through establishing a partnership with a bigger nonprofit, they were able to help get some of the funding they needed. This all came out of an initial meeting with a funder that said “I think you might want to talk to them, they’re doing similar work to you!” It goes to show that no meeting with a funder is ever wasted. Even if you may not be the most established organization, they can help you get contacts that fund more grassroots initiatives. So proud :)

February has been an awesome month for my clients, I’m so excited for each of them as they progress and receive grant funding. It’s a really rewarding job getting to help them scale and continue to do the work they are called to at a higher level.



Janet Gonzales