When it's time to bring in an Expert

Hi everyone,

I talk a lot to my clients about why it’s helpful to have me as a grant writer, and what my expertise brings to the table, but I’ve never shared one of the times I’ve been in that situation myself. The time I learned it’s way better to bring in an expert than to DIY: hiring my web designer (and basically all around artist and computer expert), Gawoon Chung .

I had so many plans for my business, but had no idea where to start with a website. I went to a branding workshop with Danielle Klemm and came up with (what I thought was a great mood board) but the idea of building a whole website just seemed daunting. I talked to Danielle and she explained that I didn’t have to do it alone, I could hire someone to help me out. It felt like a huge weight off my shoulders when I started looking for web designers.

When I saw Gawoon’s page, I totally knew she was the one I wanted to design my website- her designs were clean and minimalistic, while still being feminine and professional. She thought everything through down to the detail. When I had my initial call with her, and she sent me all my on-boarding materials through Asana, it was clear she had a finely honed process for building a website, right down to the times to schedule calls.

It was definitely confirmed to me that I needed her when she said “I’m looking at your mood board, and some of your colors are warm, and others are cool.” I was so thankful when she created three mood board options and was able to take some of the colors I chose and turn my website into something much more cohesive. When she finished, it was clear she knew what I needed more my business even more than I did. She created a website that was both web and mobile friendly, created beautiful icons, integrated my purchased photos in a creative way, and even gave me a video that I could refer back to about the different parts of my website.

I’ve had my website now for 3.5 months, and I still continue to find areas that Gawoon put time into that I didn’t even realize at first. She made my website SEO friendly so prospective clients have easily found me. The mobile view she created is flawless, and most of my traffic comes from mobile phones, so it is so much more important than I could have ever thought. She also suggested I use a testimonials section, even though I was hesitant at first, but now I love using it to showcase client thoughts. She made everything so easy to understand, and made my website something I could definitely keep up with on my own.

It’s hard sometimes to admit that you need help, but having Gawoon’s expertise really was invaluable to me. She made my website beautiful and functional, and I’m thankful for her patience and time that she spent to make it perfect :)

— Janet

Janet Gonzales