What I learned from the workshop

This month I started hosting my first workshop, and I learned a lot, both about the process and about what I will do on future project selection, now that it has wrapped up for the most part.

The Good:

  1. Opportunities opened up with a few new clients: a couple clients that were debating going with me decided to give my services a try through the workshop. It was great to help some new organizations and expand my reach within the United States.

  2. Great conversations: I got to speak with the Executive Directors I work with and help drive home what makes their nonprofit awesome. I think that’s the best part of grant writing, getting to really do your part to make the world a better place. One of the Executive Directors I worked with said “thank you for not thinking my vision was corny.” I definitely don’t feel that way at all! I think the best way to make your mark on the world is to help solve some of those societal problems at any level you can.

  3. Refining my on-boarding process: Nothing like onboarding a few new clients at once to really teach you about your on-boarding questions and process overall. Going forward, I have a list of questions that will be asked on every initial call so that I know the full picture right off the bat.

I did also learn one really big lesson from hosting a workshop vs. just having my month to month clients:

  1. Grant Writing is not always a set, linear process: while ideally i wanted it to be a true three week workshop, for me it was more important to get the grant proposal done, even if it took longer than three weeks. Sometimes you have to sacrifice your timeline for the good of your clients, as such, I’ll definitely be tweaking my workshop timeline expectations for another workshop should I decide to do it.

Will I do another workshop this year? Most likely, but it’ll probably be in the summer, and be a little bit different than just a more general workshop. Everyone has lessons they learn along the way, and this was mine. I’m excited for all the work that is ahead for my clients in Q1, and happy to be wrapping up the workshop with good results.

— Janet

Janet Gonzales