January Success Stories

Hey everyone,

Every month, I’m going to be sharing a few success stories with my clients :)

January has been a busy month, complete with lots of grant proposals, the on-boarding of clients for my Q1 workshop, and lots of consultation calls with potential clients. Here were some of the accomplishments and wins:

  1. One of my clients was able to secure equipment for their 5k race! For a while, they were having to rent this equipment every time they hosted a race, proving to be both costly and not near as reliable as just having the equipment on hand. Going forward, they plan to use the equipment for the race and they even have walkie-talkies now to better coordinate between their volunteers!

  2. I facilitated a relationship between one of my performing arts clients and a new grantor. It’s so exciting because they were not able to get in the door the previous year, but this year, with my help, they were able to get in the door. Sometimes a good conversation goes a long way to building a strong relationship! I’m excited for them and the future they have ahead with this grantor’s support.

  3. Another one of my performing arts clients needs funding for their New Works Initiative. Together we were able to find some well-aligned grants, and we have a meeting coming up with a grantor that will hopefully be able to get us some of those larger dollar amount grants. When they first approached me, they did not have a full board, strategic plan, schedule, etc. Together we worked on all of this to deliver strong and polished grant proposals!

I am so happy for all of my clients and the successes they have had so far. I can’t wait to see what February brings for all of us!

— Janet

Janet Gonzales