Hi I'm Janet, Founder of Magnolia Grants!

I create strong, business minded grant proposals that help nonprofits grow and build relationships with funders.

I am passionate about travel (especially to Texas, California and the Netherlands), reading (about sociology and entrepreneurship) and (most of all) helping nonprofit organizations reach their goals.

*To give you a highlight reel of why I am the perfect fit for YOU:*


I got my start in the nonprofit sphere as a graduate student, by joining a Petitioning Group of Alpha Phi Omega, the National Service Fraternity.

I originally joined to make friends in a new state, but found that I loved volunteering and working with nonprofits. The semester after I joined, I took on a leadership role as Vice President of Service and helped charter our chapter.

During my time as a graduate student I also worked at a domestic violence shelter as a Client Advocate. Getting to help my University and be a Client Advocate for SafeHaven were some of the most rewarding experiences of my life, and made me realize the impactful work nonprofits do.


Flash forward, now 5 years into the financial services industry, I've also served on the board of the Tri Sigma Foundation as part of their finance committee.

While on the board, I gained valuable perspective and insight into how funding decisions are made as a board, what spoke to us most as an organization and what content really motivated us to help the nonprofits we serve!

Plus, I chose to pursue my MBA at Westminster College where I learned more about organizational development, nonprofit organizations and entrepreneurship, and how to use it in grant writing for a proposal that integrates nonprofit stories and quantitative data in an impactful way.

My approach is holistic, I research grants that best align with your vision, create a grant proposal that has simple and understandable visuals and help you to know what data to best collect for future grant proposals. I also help you build a strong relationship with funders that can help you secure funding.


Imagine that instead of adding grant proposals as that one more thing to your increasing to-do list, you have it all set:

  • perfectly written proposals

  • an excel spreadsheet full of information on potential grants you can get

  • a complete follow up plan for your funder complete with dates and reminders to ensure there’s no procrastination.

To be another organization I've helped raise funding for, schedule a call here.

When I am not writing grants for amazing nonprofits I am traveling, running and figure skating. Which you can check out @magnoliagrants.


If you're dying to hear more, here are three things you might not know about me:

  1. I am originally from New York but currently live in Salt Lake City (I love the winter sports and figure skating).

  2. My all-time favorite race is the Dead Horse 30k in Moab, UT (not as scary as it sounds)!

  3. I am gluten and dairy free and love talking about the newest restaurants and food options I find!

Now I want to hear about YOU and how I can get you to grant writing success!